Winter Iceland From the Air

Just back from an amazing week trip in Iceland. This is my second visit in winter to this magical place and it could not have been more different than the time before. In 2017 the weather was wet and temperate. No snow existed save for our last night in Helnar. Of course, on that trip, we only did the souther portion of the ring road where as this time we did the entire loop.

Fast forward to 2019 and it was a land of snow. We drove most days in some form of white out which made for tough driving and photographing conditions. I carried with me my Leica SL, the Leica 16-35 and the Leica 90-280 lenses along with my Leica Q. I also took the little Mavic Pro 2 versus lugging my Inspire 2 kit. While the conditions were difficult, and much more suited to flying a big drone, I was so amazed with the quality and capability of the little Mavic.

It flew in conditions down to -12c with no issues whatsoever other than my freezing fingers working the controls. This was a classic trip where having the new integrated controller would have been optimal. Dealing with my iPhone as a display mounted to the RC, was a consistent challenge not due to technology but instead the cold. Luckily, I have one on order and it should be here shortly.

Having only been back for a few days, I am still working on my photo essay, but in the meantime I wanted to throw up some of the aerial images and one or two stills, just to get things going. Head over to my stories site, and subscribe to the 2019 Iceland story to be notified of updates.