Enter the Panasonic Lumix S1R


I am a beloved Leica photographer. I love everything about their cameras except for the price. Their is something intrinsically satisfying every time I hold my Q or my SL or my M. However, I need to have access to higher resolution and a wider variety of affordable yet still of high quality lenses. Thus, while we wait for the SL2, I have acquired the Panasonic S1R.

After a couple of days, I can certainly see why my good friends are smitten by this camera. It is of excellent build quality and the ergonomics are spot on. Virtually every dial on the camera is customizable so that things can be configured in a manner that suits the photographer. The customization process is simple as is the overall menu structure. It took me less than 10 minutes to configure the camera the way I like and I was off shooting.

My initial results are more than satisfying. As part of the L alliance, I can seamlessly move between my manual focus M lenses, my Leica L mount lenses and anything that Panasonic or Sigma produce. I even have a Canon 8-15 coming for my Underwater rig. The flexibility of this alliance is absolutely a dream come true. Now I can pick and choose where I want to invest in glass based on my specific needs versus being trapped in the luxurious, yet often unaffordable land of Leica Glass.

More to come as I get out and put the camera through its paces.